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Wondering what’s the cost to repair a sliding glass door in Whitby, Ontario? Or, what are the possible options among new sliding glass doors on the market today? Let our team put your mind at peace.

With Whitby Windows & Doors by your side, any service you may ever need, you can book. Any questions you may have, you get answers to. We are experts in sliding glass doors and all relevant services. You can buy slide glass doors and be sure of their quality and the expert way they are installed. And you can have existing sliding glass doors fixed and replaced. Give us a minute to tell you more about sliding glass door services in Whitby.

The Whitby sliding glass door team to choose – see why

Do you need service for an interior sliding glass door or patio sliding doors in Whitby? In either case, you can count on our company. You actually have some pretty good reasons for turning to our team.  

  •          We have experience with sliding patio glass doors and interior glass slide doors.
  •          It doesn’t matter if this is a bypass, telescopic, pocket, or another type of sliding glass door; we have expertise with them all.  
  •          You can count on our team for any & all services on all types of glass sliding doors – from installation and sales to replacements and repairs.
  •          If the glass breaks or there’s another severe failure, damage, or problem, the response is particularly fast, especially if this is a patio door.
  •          When it comes to the replacement/installation of a sliding glass door, Whitby customers get a free consultation and a free/no-obligation estimate. They also get glazing options and the best solutions for their home.
  •          All costs are reasonable. You can have your sliding glass door custom-made to meet your needs to the letter and still pay a reasonable price. All service costs are fair and competitive, and are given upfront.

Interior/patio sliding glass door installation – matching solutions, great service

Go ahead and tell us if you want to discuss a sliding glass door installation project. To make sure you get the door you want and that it fits perfectly, we appoint pros to take the required measurements and offer a free quotation and consultation. You are not obliged to bring your business to us, of course. But if you do, please know that you get quality doors at all times.

You can get interior slide doors and patio sliding doors with glazing of your choice. Interior sliding doors often have decorated or milk glass panels. Patio doors have two or more layers of glazing to better protect from the weather. There are great choices and new technology makes everything possible – higher security and energy efficiency, significantly reduced noise, durable frames, and much more. Should we explore your home’s needs? Contact us if you search for Whitby sliding glass door experts.